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In this week’s episode of Omaha 8, Decide Your Fate we are again playing 30/60 and I am familiar with all the players in the game. We are again dealt a strong hand, but in position this time! Other things to consider: 1. Assuming you are familiar with the players in the game, what would … Read more

There is no question that Omaha 8, or High-Lo split if you rather, is my favourite game. It is a game that I have been playing for a number of years and despite seeing hundreds of thousands of hands I still find myself in situations where I make tough decisions. Reviewing hands is a task … Read more

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  • Oct
  • 21:12

Poker Poetry

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The poker haikus came flying in for my Team Pro Online contest. Most were really excellent, whether in English, Spanish or Japanese (thanks to my teammates for the translations for me). I was sad to only have one ticket to the freeroll to give away, but it was given to ‘acumen plus‘ or ‏@DrButterflyLady on … Read more

It’s Team Pro Online week this week and one of the promotions running is a twitter promo where I get to award one free ticket to a tournament on Sunday (October 26 @ 1400 EST) where the winner is guaranteed to win $50 and the top two finishers will get to play in the Team … Read more

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  • Aug
  • 18:14

Just wait three months…

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Just wait three months…

That’s what they told me…that’s what they said…wait three months and everything will settle down. Well Carrick celebrated his three month ‘birthday’ yesterday, weighing in at 11lbs 11oz and measuring 63cm tall (or 25″). It both feels like the fastest and the longest three months of my life. It feels like he has always been … Read more

Saturday nights are often simply called “fight night” in our household. Aside from enjoying the mixed martial arts, it is a good excuse to get together with friends, fire up the grill and enjoy some local foods and of course beverages! During one of those nights, a friend of mine mentioned how she is often … Read more

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  • Apr
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Eight mistakes…one at a time!

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There are countless ways people go about learning a new skill. Some people like to hit the books and learn everything they can before testing their skills in the real world. Others, myself included, like to jump into a new task feet first, hopefully learning a few things along the way. The second approach is … Read more

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Brackets anyone???

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Brackets anyone???

I enjoy March Madness in the NCAA quite a bit. As someone who played basketball through junior high, high school and even some as an adult, I have a real love of the game. I don’t enjoy or follow NBA at all, but there is something about the passion and intensity of NCAA level games … Read more

Smoke and Mirrors – WSOP $10M guarantee???

For the last decade, I have looked forward to summers not just for the fact that they are warm and sunshine filled, but that it meant it was WSOP was on the horizon. In my early poker years, as a player with a recreational interest in the game, I was thrilled by seeing poker characters … Read more

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My Growing Secret!

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Playing poker has certainly come with some risks and some unknowns. For the most part, we quickly weight the costs vs benefits of each situation and make snap decisions depending on our thoughts! As I announced earlier in the week…Ryan and I are embarking on a journey where the unknowns are countless, and we can’t … Read more

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